DJ Boy 1990 By: Kaneko

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     Cigaretch City is a lively town on the outskirts of New York. A new sport has become popular amongst the children in Cigaretch City.

     The sport is Rollergame! Rollergame is an exciting battle of technique and speed. It is a thrilling game of out-running and being outrun. Rollergame is somewhat like the ultimate fight-race. A rollergame competition is coming up soon and the children in the town are excited.

     Just before the competition, a young man turns up in town. His name is Donald J. Boy, and he's nicknamed D.J. Boy. D.J. Boy has actually toured the world as a roller fighter, and he just happens to drop into Cigaretch City with his girlfriend, Maria.

     When news of D. J. Boy gets around , the town gets all excited. But not everyone is happy. D.J.Boy being around doesn't please the bad roller team, the Dark Knights.

     The Dark Knights leader Heavy-Met Tony, calls his gang together straight away. "We can't afford to lose the next competition. We have to do something about that D.J. Boy.""What are we gonna do? Go on, tell us!" "Not cause a fuss, Let's get him to come over." "Hey, it's gonna be real bad news if that D.J. Boy gets into the competition"

"Help! Help! Aah......!!"
     D.J. Boy comes running, but the Dark Knights are one step ahead of him, and Maria is carried off.
"You coward, Tony. Well, It's just a question of who is the better rollerskater!" D.J. Boy sets out in search of his true love, Maria.

--From the Genesis DJ Boy instruction manual.

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     Long ago in a faraway galaxy, young people went outside and played in the open air. Some used devices known as roller-skates. DJ Boy still does. DJ must win the Rollergame (a fighting competition on roller-skates) and save his girlfriend Maria. You would think he would just call the police. Your objective is to battle through five rounds, beating foes and gathering coins or hamburgers.
     Colorful graphics with interesting backgrounds. How often do you see billboards in the game promoting the game itself? And when was the last time a tram conductor threw bombs at you? Fighting should make you happy unless you are a fan of Ultimate Fighting: not violent but decisive. This isn’t a case of flight OR fight, but flight AND fight.

     Brand New Key



     Well, I got a brand new pair of roller skates

     You got a brand new key

     I think that we should get together and try them out you see


     I been looking around awhile

     You got something for me

     Oh! I got a brand new pair of roller skates

     You got a brand new key


     Forward, ever forward. Keep moving, keep punching and keep kicking. Watch the bad guys, after they are down, they can come up swinging. You kick and punch in the direction you are moving, so when they are behind you, slide leftward and do your stuff. They’ll never see it coming. Grab the coins and hamburgers when you can by moving over them. The burgers should keep you strong and the coins can be used to buy goodies.
Special Fighting Techniques:

     To punch forward and backwards at the same time: press “A” and “B” at the same time

     To use a jumping kick: press “B” and “C” at the same time
If you beat the opponent’s boss, you can shop at the ITEM SHOP and buy super-goodies. Things that Amish children can’t even dream of. Use the Control Pad to select what you want, and if you have the required money, press “C” to buy it. When through shopping, choose EXIT and press “C”.

     Hamburgers               $100     revives DJ

     High Roller Skates      $200     faster movement

     Super Punch              $300     increases punch speed     

     Power-Up                  $400     increases punch power

     Helmet                      $500     increases endurance

     Cat                           $6000     extra life

A Button Punch
B Button Kick
C Button Jump
Start Button Start, Pause
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