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Somewhere there is a giant whale named Big Blue. He lives in a place called the Endless Sea. He is the true king of the ocean. He is friendly and wise, and most of all, BIG. He is the biggest animal the world has ever known!

Ecco the Dolphin heard that to find Big Blue, you have to open the Crystal
Doors. These are strange jewels, called Glyphs, that are the doors to the
oceans beyond home.

Ecco and his two ocean friends Tara, the young orca, and Kitnee, the baby
bottlenose dolphin, are very playful. They are also curious. They are ready to search for the wise, friendly giant, Big Blue.

They found out that the Crystal Doors will open if they perform a task for each Crystal. Some Crystal Doors want them to find lost friends or misplaced toys. Others want them to play tag. Still other Crystal Doors want to hear music.

When the Crystal Doors get their wish from Ecco and his friends, they open up
to another part of the ocean, a little closer to the Endless Sea and Big Blue.

Each ocean is a wonderful playground. Rays skim through the water. Seahorses
wait to see you. The stonefish look just like rocks, and the jellyfish don't really look like jelly. Search for seals, squids, and crawly crabs. You might even swim into an octopus or a friendly shark!

There are many Crystal Doors to open before you can meet the biggest whale in the world. But the real fun is getting there!

--from the Genesis Ecco Jr. instruction manual

A children's version of Ecco the Dolphin, Ecco Jr. is made to be both fun and educational for younger audiences. The graphics and animation are well-done, with lots of different creatures to see. The music is nice, and of course there are lots of fun underwater sound effects.


Discovery Mode lets you explore the undersea world, meeting all sorts of creatures and learning about the ocean. Ecco Jr. also features a variety of mini-games, such as "Hide and Seek," "What's Missing," and "Tickle Tag." Play as Ecco Jr., Tara the Orca, or Kitnee the Bottlenose.

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