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In medieval times, a city called Lorelei was at the forefront of civilization. It was clean and peaceful. Travelers were greeted with a hearty welcome by King Lorelei, treated to the best the world had to offer and were then sent on their merry way. Every citizen of Lorelei believed they would live peacefully forever under their king. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

As more and more travelers came to Lorelei, the city became infested with thieves, sorcerers and others who disrupted the lives of its citizens. People couldn't leave their homes because they feared for their lives. King Lorelei was aging, and eventually the city was taken over by one evil group--the Harvesters of Gyra, the lord of catastrophe.

A young scholar named Junos challenged the followers of Gyra. He succeeded in sealing the evil beings underneath the city of Lorelei with his powers over the natural elements. Junos believed the citizens of Lorelei would be safe once again. Junos was offered knighthood under King Lorelei, yet soon afterward Junos left to continue his schooling.

Many years later a sorcerer secretly appeared in Lorelei with a plan to summon the Harvesters of Gyra from their confines below the city. One windy night the sorcerer cast a spell, breaking the evil group from their dungeon. Lorelei was reduced to shambles. News came to the city that the great commander of the elements, Junos, had just passed away. Lorelei seemed helpless.

King Lorelei called upon his knights to fight the followers of Gyra. In a matter of hours, the followers of Gyra were once again contained in the dungeon. Or so the people of Lorelei believed.

King Lorelei was so thankful to Aryaag, the sorcercer who appeared to be responsible for containing the evil. The king made Aryaag the newest knight of Lorelei. Later, the king's strongest knight, Laden, told the king that the conquest of the evil group was accomplished too quickly and easily. Laden told the king not to trust Aryaag.

With the king's trust, Aryaag wasted no time in overthrowing him. The king was thrown in the dungeon where the followers of Gyra had been, while the Knights of Lorelei were forced into submission. The citizens of Lorelei were once again surrounded by evil, and Laden was their only hope.

Laden had suspected that the conquest of evil was faked. He was shocked, nonetheless, when Aryaag revealed that he was really Gyra and Laden was his brother. Laden refused to believe it and vowed to save the city. He knew he was strong but taking on Gyra and his men would be a monumental task. Laden needed Junos' power of the elements. He must find this power.

--From the Genesis Elemental Master instruction manual.

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