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Forgotten Worlds™
THE TIME: The 29th Century
THE PLACE: A planet somewhere in the swirling gases of space.

Ruins, destruction, wastelands. That’s all there is to see, all over the planet. Signs of life? Well, there's Reptilian Thugs roaming what’s left of the streets, and repulsive Zipper Worms splashing around in the harbor. But that's not what you're looking for.

Aha! You finally spot the Store, where you load up with weapons. You buy another Satellite Booster, hoist a Napalm Bomb over your shoulder, and grab a Treatment to keep up your strength. You're a Nameless One. You're powerful and quick and you never give up. You've only got one idea: FREE THE PLANET!

You know the history of this desolate world. In ancient times the Human Beings ruled in peace and cooperation. Sure, they had their problems — cold wars, organized crime, nuclear bombs. But their little troubles seemed like nothing when the real War happened.

Without warning space warships broke through the sky, loaded with fiendish aliens. Bombs, missiles, napalm, and fire rained down. The Human Beings weren't ready, and put up only a puny defense before surrendering!
In a few hours it was all over. The vicious predators seized the planet and made it their den. They destroyed the cities and all communication lines. Worst of all, they enslaved all Human Beings into a life of misery and humiliation.

The planet became the Dust World. The Human Beings were reduced to pitiful shreds of their former glory, living in dread of the hostile Aliens who infested their planet. But in a hidden place, a group of brave Human Beings raised two male children in secret. They brought up the young men as Warriors, training them for battle and the specialized use of lethal weapons.

The gamble paid off! The two Warriors emerged as armed machines of might, strength, and super power — the Nameless Ones.

As a Nameless One you've got to move quick, shoot fast, and show no mercy. You face vicious Aliens, repulsive monsters, and fire-belching machines. Your only rest is at the Store, where you load up with ammo and revive your strength.

War is bad, but somebody's got to do it. You swear to destroy the hateful invaders, free the Dust Planet, and restore its ancient name: Earth!

--From the Genesis Forgotten Worlds instruction manual.

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     When you think that you’ve seen it all, they come up with Forgotten Worlds. For some reason the Hero has a satellite for a pal that follows him around. For gamers looking for a challenge, this is it. Not only are you controlling the Hero, you are also controlling the satellite. The satellite assists you by firing at enemies whenever you fire, which gives you twice the firepower. In that regard, the satellite definitely is better than a dog.
     So, if ever I find myself being shipped off to fight aliens, I can see myself taking along a satellite as a pet, rather than a dog. Well, at least if I had a good sack of groceries with me. Because as everybody knows: you can’t eat satellites.
     I thought that I had encountered massive attacks in other games, but this one takes the cake. I don’t think that my computer’s memory is big enough to hold the number of bullets needed to fight off these aliens. If you ever wanted to prove yourself against insurmountable odds, this is the place to apply. Just don’t drink a Big Gulp before you start, because you won’t have any time to take a break.
     The background music is very heavy in the treble range and might give a person a headache after hearing it enough. Actions sounds, such as weapon fire, are typical, nothing special; just high level blast sounds. Don’t sound technicians know anything about bass? But there is so much noise going on in a battle that Karen Carpenter could be singing “Superstar” and you couldn’t hear her, so maybe it is better than I say. That being said, you probably won’t notice the sounds anyway since the action will keep you completely focused.
     The background graphics are almost minimal. They lack movement and depth. Attacking monsters make up for this by being of various shapes, colors, motion modes and weaponry used. I saw some space guys shooting arrows. How cool is that! And have I said that the action will keep you so busy that you won’t notice?
     Two player guys, you are on your own. I don’t have any friends so I play alone. Well except for when the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders drop by on Sundays. The only thing I noticed was one guy wears blue pants and the other wears red pants.


     You are trying to recover the Earth and free the remaining inhabitants from slavery. You don’t use diplomacy, you use war! No need to tell you to shoot, because after about two seconds in the battle, you will figure that out for yourself.
     You must defeat the aliens on The Dust Planet, The Pyramid of Terror, The Cosmic World and finally The Tower of Dread doing combat with the Bosses: Paramecium, The Dust Dragon, The Iron Warlord, The Sphinx, Ymesketit, the Iceman (he does cometh) and the War Tyrant. Don’t expect the Bosses to get any easier as you progress. The manual doesn’t specify their strengths, but when was the last time things got easier as you went forward?
     Zenny is the currency in this part of the Universe and you get them for blasting aliens and their machines. Pick them up by flying over them. The larger the Zenny coin, the more Zennys you get. Seems fair: I got a hernia picking up a big one and it almost paid for the repair surgery.
     Bonus Score- There are Bonus Points available when you complete a battle and the faster you complete it, the more bonus points you earn. At the end of the battle, they are converted into Zennys.
     You can increase your strength by flying over a POW, a Drum, a Windmill and other special objects. I haven’t a clue as to what a POW is and the manual doesn’t say. This might be some technical term that gamers know. Not me.
     You can’t find Mirabella’s Store, the equivalent of an intergalactic Super K-Mart; she will find you when she is needed. Well, where was she when I was lying face down in the dirt, my lifeless body growing colder by the minute? Spend your Zennys here since they aren’t accepted at the 7-11 down the street.
     And be sure to buy a dress if you can, because at the end of the War you will get an extra 1,000,000 points! It is only available in the Temple of Dread Store and only in a petite size 4, so you full figured guys might need to take it to a tailor. Be sure to not get it soiled as you fight monsters, since your mom wants you to wear it to the prom. Yeah, folks, this is real.


     Alien Fiends     200

     Paramecium     15000

     Dust Dragon     30000

     Iron Warlord     50000

     Sphinx          60000

     Ymesketit     70000

     Iceman          80000

     War Tyrant     100000

Merchandise found in Mirabella's Store

Merchandise Zennys Action
All Direction Shooter 3,000 Fires in 8 directions at once
Armor 3,000 Take up to 3 enemy shots without losing Strength
Aura Stone 30,000 Doubles your Strength
Balcan Cannon 50,000 Most powerful weapon
Flying Stone 100 Boosts speed: Copper normal, Silver high, Gold ultra-high
Homing Laser 99,900 Tracking laser
Information 100 Tips on winning the next battle
Laser 20,000 Light weapon
Life Pack 600+ Boosts Strength to Maximum level
Missile 5,000 Auto-tracking explosive
Napalm Bomb 5,000 Scorches every-thing it touches
Potion of Resurrection 20,000+ Power drink revives you if you die
Special Armor 5,000 Take up to 5 enemy shots without losing Strength
Super Beam 80,000 Survive up to 5 enemy hits without being injured.
Super Booster 50,000 Boosts your shots to maximum damaging power
Treatment 300+ Restores your Strength
Wide Shots 50,000 Weapon fires large-caliber ammo

Special Movement using the Satellite:

     Circles the Warrior to the left and circles the Satellite to the left around the warrior

     Circles the Warrior to the right and circles the Satellite to the right around the warrior
A-Button + B-Button

     Circles Warrior and Satellite to the left
C-Button + B-Button

     Circles Warrior and Satellite to the right

A Button Circles Left
B Button Fires Weapons
C Button Circles Right
A + B Circles Left Firing
B + C Circles Right Firing
Start Button Start/Select/Pause
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