Gain Ground 1991 By: Renovation Products, Inc.

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It's the 31st Century, and science and technology have progressed to the point that the human race is approaching perfection: no war, no poverty, and no conflict. With nothing to worry about, the human race seems destined to live forever in harmony; but what if Earth came under attack? By this point in time, people did not know how to cope with problems or conflicts, and had completely lost their survival instincts. In response to this, the United Earth Government created the Gain Ground system, a war simulator that would help humans rediscover their lost instincts. After several terrible malfunctions, the creators became prisoners in their own creation. Now it's up to you and two courageous comrades to go into the Gain Ground system, rescue your fellow humans, and destroy the system. You'll battle through different periods in history as you revive your survival instincts, while trying to live!


This game was one of the earliest Genesis titles and is also one of the hardest games to date. The game had a wide release and also was made into an arcade game which allowed 3 players instead of the usual 2 players. The game's music was fantastic, it had some of the best songs I ever heard on the Genesis. Gain Ground had some solid gameplay as well. You must rescue team members to help you along your journey. Some of the members are carrying flamethrowers, machine guns, rocket launchers, bombs, and pistols. There are a lot of different enemy designs as well, such as wizards, archers, and gun turrets. Gain Ground was a hard game but practice makes it a lot easier to make it through its many levels! The graphics weren't anything to brag about because they were pretty basic. This is one of my favorite games on the Genesis. 9/10 stars

A Button Fire special weapon
B Button Fire weapon
Start Button Pause game
Level Select
On the options screen press A,C,B,C, if done correctly you will be taken to a level select screen.
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