Gauntlet 4 1993 By: Tengen

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There are many mysteries and Legends in this world. When a mystery is solved, it becomes a legend which will be told over and over again by many people. There are some who seek the challenge of adventure, in spite of the risks, both for themselves and to create their own legend. People call them adventurers.
To this day there still exists one mystery that cannot be solved. We call it 'The mystery protected by the old castle towers.' This ancient castle is deep within the mountains, far from human dwellings. It is surrounded by four high towers. The towers have had a spell cast upon them that protects the castle against intrusion from the outside world. If you cannot break the spell, you will not get near the castle.
Some say that an ancient secret treasure, undisturbed for many aeons, lies deep within the castle walls. There have been many that have sought to solve the castle's mystery. So far, none have succeeded...

--from the Gauntlet 4 game intro
This version of Gauntlet is the first to introduce RPG elements to the classic dungeon crawler. Along with updated graphics and sound, this makes Gauntlet 4 a truly great game.


There is an Arcade Mode, which is the classic game, just like earlier Gauntlet titles. But the real gem here is Quest Mode. You follow a somewhat structured story-line, gain experience, improve your stats, and buy weapons and equipment using the gold you collect in dungeons.

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