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Armchair generals, unite! General Chaos for the Sega Genesis gives you the opportunity to run your own war from the comfort of your home. Choose your virtual leader, either General Chaos or General Havoc, and get ready to exhibit your military mastery. There are more than 50 battlefields to fight on, and four different squads to choose from: the Assault Team, the Commandos, the Demolition Squad, and the Brute Force Troop. Once you make your way from the war room to the battlefield, you'll engage in brutal hand-to-hand combat that will determine the superior army. You'll find five distinct weapon types at your disposal, flame throwers, machine guns, bazookas, grenades, and dynamite, that can mean the difference between raising your army's flag in victory and waving the white flag of surrender.

(This overview came from the original Genesis General Chaos game box.)


The object of the game is simple. Try to destroy the opposing army and take over their base. As you win battles, you will move toward the enemy's base. If you lose battles, the enemy and you will be moving toward your own base. Armies are made up of five, four, or in rare cases two men. When the game starts, if you are General Chaos you will get to pick which area to fight in. And it's off to battle! In a normal army of five men, the "A" button will command all men to fire, the "B" button will send the highlighted character to where the cursor is pointing, and the "C" button changes the highlighted character. The control pad will move the cursor so you can move your armies.

If you pick a commando team, you will be in control of two men instead of five. I recommend only fighting in commandos when you are playing with someone else that will be on your team. That way you can have a team of four, with each person controlling two men. If you try to fly solo with a commando, it will be two on five and it will be tough to win. If you're looking for a challenge, then go for it! The advantage of commandos is that when you move the control pad it actually controls a man instead of just a cursor, so you are more free to go where you need to go. In this case, "A" still fires both men, "B" calls the man you are not controlling to the man you are controlling, and "C" switches control between the two men.

If your men are injured you have a limited amount of medics you can use to heal them. Be careful not to use all your medics in one battle or you won't be able to use any in later battles. Check the stats screen at the end of a battle to see how many you have. Move the cursor over the injured man and press "A" to call a medic. If you're in a commando unit, you have to get the other uninjured man to go to the injured man and press "A".

Close Combat:

If you get in close combat with someone "A" will punch, "B" will kick, and "C" will block. Use the control pad to pick the direction of a punch or kick.

A Button Fire
B Button Move/call man
C Button Select man
Start Button Pause
Start a Bonfire
Get a flamer to go next to a big group of enemies and fire away. It's a good way to take out a lot of men together.
Hard Blow
Take a bazooka guy and shoot someone who is close to dying. Their body will turn into a skeleton and then crumble to the ground.
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