Golden Axe 2 1991 By: Sega

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The evil lord Dark Guld should have been put away for good the last time he was defeated in battle. But now he has recouped and is back in full force. And he's accompanied by his clan of evil followers who are creepier, slimier and more disgusting than ever.

Dark Guld has come for revenge and he is driven by the desire to see this world revert to chaos. He has taken the powerful Golden Axe, which is a symbol of peace and prosperity, to use for his own evil purposes. His creatures terrorize every town they descend upon. Someone must put a stop to this horror!

Once again, three warriors stand up to face the oppressors. One is Axe- Battler, the fierce barbarian; the second is Tyris-Flare, the ferocious Amazon; and the third is Gilius Thunderhead, the fearless dwarf. They are willing to risk their lives to put a stop to the terror. They won't rest easy until the Golden Axe is returned to its rightful place.

It's time to start the long journey through enemy-infested territory. Don't let the strange reptilian enemy creatures frighten you, because you'll need every ounce of courage you can muster. Fight onward until you reach the final showdown, a battle with Dark Guld himself!

--From the Genesis Golden Axe 2 instruction manual.

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