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There isn't any possible way for me to start writing about this game without opening by saying... this game is just down-right awesome! Within just the main title screen and opening of the game you will be blown away. Everything in this game is done well and done right, combining incredible visuals, unparalleled sound, and hardcore controls, with everything you want in a shooter and more!

This is one of the first and only shooters to include a plot that isn't particularly shallow. It actually keeps the game in the same fast-paced, action-oriented style as the game-play itself. So let me explain a bit of the storyline. The Gunstar family is the protector of the planet Gunstar 9! Years before, Professor White Gunstar defeated Golden Silver, an android that traveled millions of miles to Gunstar 9 to use all of its resources (much like Silver Surfer and Galactus). Professor White was able to extract the four famous Mystical Gems (the robot's power source), and imprisoned the robot on one of Gunstar 9's moons.

Smash Daisaku, much later in history, was informed that the Gunstars knew the location of the Mystical Gems. Being the evil-doer he is, Smash kidnapped the Gunstar twins' older brother Green and used a mind control machine to make Green do whatever he commands.

With Green unwillingly on his side, Smash gathered the 4 Mystical Gems, turned Gunstar 9's peaceful worker droids into killing bots, and is on a mission to reactivate Golden Silver.

It is your duty as the Gunstar Twins, Red and Blue, to stop this menace and save your home! And save it in an explosive, rapid manner you will! This game was certainly meant to be played with two players and certainly is a lot more fun, but taking it alone is extremely addicting and you will want to be a part of every bit of the action. There is so much happening on the screen that you won't know where to focus, but everything is presented to you in such a way that you will feel as if you have mastered this game on any difficulty in no time!

This game's visuals are incomparable for the era, as is the sound. Once you hear the intro music at the title screen you'll feel wrapped into this wonderfully mastered sound scape. (BOOMM!!) You'll love the title screen for the rotating graphics you thought only Nintendo owned! The sprites are vivid and very fulfilling, and every effect in the game (ESPECIALLY THE BOARD GAME) is astounding!

If you have never played this game, Play It Now! You will not be sorry, and will want to find me and hand me five bucks for suggesting you play this game! This is by far some of the best work on the Genesis and in most cases follows people's top 50 games of All-Time! (usually in 30th-20th) Play this game, you will love it, and get lost in its wide array of aspects that includes everyone in its creation!

Gunstar Heroes destroys everyone else, a 10 out of 10!


Start out the game by selecting whether to play as Red (controller 1) or Blue (controller 2). Both play very similarly, so the decision is really just your preference. You'll then be asked whether you want Fixed Shot (Shoot and Move separately, allows you too shoot a bit more precisely, but you can't run'n'gun) or Free Shot (Shoot and Run Together, shooting takes a bit more skill, but you can run'n'gun). After this you have to select your starting gun. You choose between:
Fire - A short-range flame thrower with the highest attack!

Lightning - A narrow blue beam that can go through enemies, great for newbs or multiple enemies!

Force - A rapid fire weapon, standard straight shooter

Chaser - Small green triangles that seek out the closest enemy. Best for new guys!

Lastly you select your beginning level. Let it be noted that it is easiest to go left to right, but for a bit of a challenge, do the two middle first, then left, then right!

This game includes many enhancements to your starting weapon, especially the ability to combine weapons to make interesting combinations to take out your foes. Your characters are quite agile and will jump, throw, shoot in 8 directions while moving or stopping and focusing, slide, flip, and ride on futuristic machines, in 6 long and impressive levels, 4 of which you choose from at the very beginning. Each level ends with a boss, with an array of maneuvers and ways of dishing out damage. You'll have to be quick and smart to get through these invigorating levels, assuring you are using the proper weapons on the right enemies and that you are being quick enough to not die! This game will definitely challenge you, but it's well worth it.

In each level it is your mission to do as much destruction to your enemies as possible, in any way you see fit. Shoot them with your superior weapons or throw them as an insult, it doesn't matter, just do it fast and safe. Shooting helper-bots throughout the levels will give you a second weapon to combine with your primary weapon! You will then be able to cycle between the two separate weapons or use them together for much added force! You'll be running into some massive and difficult bosses and mini bosses, so gauge your health appropriately and play smart!

If you must, play through a level more than once and learn every weakness and what weapons work best at what points! If you play Difficult, you might get frustrated fast, so try to keep your cool and blast your way through, having every bit of fun and driving your score through the roof!

A Button Select Weapon
B Button Shoot / Pick Up
C Button Jump (Double Tap- Attack)
Start Button Start/Pause
Start Easy
If you never have played a hardcore shooter before, be sure to pay a visit to the options menu and select Easy. Otherwise, prepare to see your lives fade away quickly!
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