High Seas Havoc 1993 By: Data East

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Play Captain Havoc on his quest to save his crew from the evil Bernard the Brutal, and in the process get the map to a magic gem, Emeralda. So set sail on this High Seas adventure with animals as people and no real weapons. So good luck, Captain, you're gonna need it.
High Seas Havoc is a fun platformer that will have you jumping. The graphics in this game are good, with moving waves and a scrolling background. The music is somewhat comical and fits with the theme of the game.


High Seas Havoc is a fun platform game that will have you jumping, literally. Jumping in the only action you can do in this game. Run through 13 levels of land, ship, and even underwater. At the end of each level is the evil Bernard the Brutal waiting to do battle with you. Save your crew and steal the map from Bernard. Collect coins to raise your score and get more lives. Your health is in the upper right of the screen and you only have 3 lives. So good luck and happy playing!

A Button JUMP
B Button JUMP
C Button JUMP
Start Button PAUSE
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