Jungle Strike 1993 By: Electronic Arts

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The United States is being attacked by a desert madman and a crazed drug lord from South America, who have teamed up for a terrorist attack. It's up to you and your team of commandos to save the day. Shoot and destroy anything that is standing in your path to victory!
Jungle Strike is the sequel to Desert Strike, and if you've played Desert Strike then you know how great these games are! Again the graphics were top of the line, game-play was fast, and if you wanted to stay alive you needed to use tactics. Controls were easy to use and that added to great game-play. Jungle Strike's music was average: there were some annoying songs, but the sound of bullets and missiles drown most of it out. Jungle Strike was an excellent game if you like shooters. ___8/10 stars___

A Button Fire HellFire missles, set mine, drop bomb
B Button Fire Hydra/light rockets, view information
C Button Fire Machine guns
Start Button Pause Game
Fast winch upgrade
There is a small grey and black object that resembles a spider on most levels. Do not destroy it. Picking this up lets you use the winch at twice the speed.
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