Kid Chameleon 1992 By: Sega

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A brand new, state of the art, Virtual Reality arcade game called Wild Side has been released and everyone is dying to play! But something is amiss, the boss of the game has escaped, and is now capturing the players by defeating them at the game! This is the story of someone too tough to beat, someone known as 'Kid Chameleon'!


Make your way to the end of the stage (or a hidden stage warp) by navigating the many levels of Wild Side. Breaking blocks Mario style will present you with extra time, gems, and power-ups. Gems can be used by pressing A and Start, depending on what power-up you're using they'll have a different effect.

Power-ups are basis of the game. Getting a power-up heals you and gives you new mobility and moves. The knight is so heavy he breaks blocks by falling on them, and can climb walls by pressing C. Many power-ups have extra moves that you can use with the C button.

A Button Hold to run
B Button Jump
C Button Use Power
Start Button Pause
Start + A Use Diamond Power
Mega Bonus
Collect nothing and complete the level for 5000 points.
Warp to last level
In the second level, get on top of the box above the flag and press Down, Right, B(jump), and C(special) at the same time to warp to the last level.
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