Lethal Enforcers 1993 By: Konami

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After bringing a murderer to prison, you decided to go to the donut shop for a break. While sipping the last drop of coffee, you got a call from the police department. They said that a major crime organization has invaded town, and they need your help. You are one of two survivors of the elite group of officers. The rest have ended up in the hospital or killed. Once the call ended, you decided to check out the bank. From that point on, you're going to experience the toughest job that you've had during your years in the police force.


After waiting for the game to load, press start at the title screen. You will see a list of options. Currently any mode without the gun will work, since the Justifier light gun is not emulated in this version of Gens. If you start the game now, it will take you into the city where the crime is located. If you go to options and change the game mode to "Practice", it will take you to target practice instead. When you play, you move the the cursor on the criminal or target and press fire. Since your initial gun has only six rounds, you need to reload. In the "Arcade" mode, criminals or boxes might contain weapons that you can use to upgrade. But beware of the bosses that take several shots to defeat. During the target practice, you have to try to hit the targets before the next set appears. Getting shot or missing targets takes away your health. I really enjoyed this game, but there are a few problems. You're not able to select your level, unlike the SNES version. I would prefer using the mouse to move the cursor than waiting longer to move with the D-pad, like I can with the SNES version and ZSNES. But hey, maybe it's just the limitations of the Genesis that made it inferior to the SNES version. I'll just deal with it like everyone else.

A Button Fire
B Button Fire
C Button Reload
Start Button Select menu options, pause
Keep Upgraded Weapon
Reload before the ammo runs out on any weapon you collect.
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