Mega Turrican 1994 By: Data East

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The Story So Far...
You are on a United Planets Freedom Forces mission when suddenly you see your worst nightmares come true again! Years ago you were the only survivor of the starship Avalon 1 when the evil "Machine" took out your comrades in an attempt to take over the galaxy. All those years ago, you sought revenge and finally destroyed your enemy. Nobody expected a return of the dark forces, but... Old memories arise again, when you hear the last message of a beautiful girl.

Desperately she cries for help, as her planet is taken over by the soldiers of The Machine. Once again, as Bren McGuire, you are the leader of the Freedom Forces in a crucial mission to destroy the grasp of evil for eternity.

The Freedom Force fighters use the newest weapon technology available:

The Turrican assault suit.

Equipped with multiple weapon capabilities and the mighty Plasma-Rope to reach even deeply hidden areas, the Turrican assault suit gives one man the abilities of a whole army.

You have to find your way through 15 increasingly complex levels, first in the bio-mech laboratories of The Machine and later in the deep dungeons of the Alien Queen, until you're able to confront your arch-enemy. Don't hesitate to use all the powers given to you...

The challenge awaits!

--From the Genesis Mega Turrican instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 2 copies are available for full accounts.
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