Micro Machines 1993 By: Codemansters

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Micro Machines on the Genesis was the same as it was on the NES, except the graphics were better. It's a lot like RC Pro AM in the way that it is played. The biggest difference was that you got to choose your own opponents. There were also a lot of different vehicles you could race, instead of just cars. Micro Machines were really big when I was a kid. I only had a couple, but a few of my buddies had a ton! I think the most memorable thing about Micro Machines is the guy on their old commercials that talked really fast. He was crazy. Micro Machines is a whole lot of fun, so give it a try!


Race against other Micro Machines in order to expand your collection.

A Button Gas
B Button Brake
C Button None
Start Button Start/Pause
Be careful when taking shortcuts, if you cut too much of the track, the game will blow you up when you try to get back on track.
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