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What can I say about MK2? If you don't know this game then you haven't been around much, eh. Old fashioned 2-D fighting goodness, with lots of blood and ripping your opponent to bits.
This is just a great game. Heaps of fun. Get your violence fix without actually hurting yourself or anything else. Lots of characters with gobs of special moves. Infinite replay value. Even if you're one of those people who can beat the computer with both hands tied behind your back, it's still fun. Oh, and if you actually don't use your hands you get to do Friendships and Babalities.


There are tons of moves in this game. The basics are standard, such as double taps forward or backward followed by an attack, quarter- or half-circles forward or back followed by an attack, etc. There are also some more complicated ones, particularly the famous Fatalities. I don't know a tenth of them, but you're on the Internet. Look it up. Just ask anybody and they'll tell you when it's midnight (inside joke).
Unfortunately, on the Genesis some aspects of this game were a little behind the SNES version, particularly graphics and some of the sound effects, as well as a few moves and codes that were left out.

A Button Low Punch
B Button Low Kick
C Button High Kick
Start Button Start, Block
Cheat Mode
At the Options menu, move the cursor to "Done", but don't select it.
Press Left, Down, Left, Right, Down, Right, Left, Left, Right, and Right. A new entry called "Test Modes" appears. I'm not sure what all of them do, though. ;-)
Random Character
At the character select screen, hold Up and press Start to let the computer randomly choose your character for you.
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