Mortal Kombat 3: Ultimate 1996 By: Williams Entertainment

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Personally I am one of the biggest Mortal Kombat fans ever and this game was a great addition to the series. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was just an add on to Mortal Kombat 3, but it did make it a lot better. The creators added a few more characters and some new levels. UMK3 had a variety of play modes, and it had good graphics compared to other Mortal Kombat games. Again the game was short like its past games but length did not matter for this game because it was so fun. UMK3 contained a lot of new fatalities, and moves. 7/10 stars


The fight for control of the Earth continues in ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT 3. Choose from more than 19 playable characters. Some fighters are returning favorites with improved moves and combinations while other contenders are new. Battle the computer, fight in two-on-two matches, or enter an eight-fighter tournament, the choice is yours. Incredible motion-capture graphics and CD quality sound create an unmatched experience. Keep your guard-up and you just might survive the fight of your life in ULTIMATE MORTAL KOMBAT 3. (Found at

A Button Low Punch/Kick
B Button Run
C Button Low Punch/Kick
X Button High Punch/Kick
Y Button Block
Z Button High Punch/Kick
Start Button Pause Game
Fight as human Smoke
Select Robotic Smoke. Hold HP + LP + HK + LK until Shao Khan announces the start of the round
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