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Mystic Defenderô

Evil is at it again! Zareth, the Devil's Disciple, has cooked up a fiendish plot to bring Zao back to life. Zao is the wickedest wizard in the universe. He is the Emperor of Evil! If he returns, his strength will be beyond imagination. He'll be able to conquer the world and make all things in it his evil slaves.

You, Joe Yamato, are the only one with enough skill and power to stop Zareth. Get yourself to Zao's stronghold, Azuchi Castle, and hurry! The beautiful Alexandra is Zareth's prisoner there, and she is about to face a terrifying ordeal. Zareth plans to steal her soul in order to bring Zao back to life!

Your road is treacherous, full of monsters and evil beings with surprising powers. No one knows what terrors you'll meet, or if you'll be able to survive. You begin the hardest challenge of your life. But you face it with something special ó Magic!

--From the Genesis Mystic Defender instruction manual.

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†††††You get fat and lazy when you have hand grenades and cruise missiles at your disposal. Mystic Defender has neither. This game is not meant for the fat and lazy. Except for those guys up in the trees. Now how do you suppose some fat slobs wearing kimonos got up a tree? And why didnít the limbs break under their weight? Guess this game doesnít have gravity.
†††††Mystic Defender only has Magic, which is good enough if your name is Joe Yamato! Oh, your name isnít Joe Yamato? Are you sure? Man, I guess I was thinking about somebody else. Well that kind of ruins the exciting build up that I was planning for this paragraph. Wow, I was sure your name was Joe Yamato.
†††††Well if anybody is named Joe Yamato, he is the Hero of this game. Are you positive that your name isnít Joe Yamato? And Joe does a fair amount of enemy bashing and monster killing. Enough to make me happy! But I please easily.
†††††Mystic Defender might disappoint hard-core gamers because you actually have a chance to breathe as you play it. At least in the early rounds. Sure, being killed a dozen times is painful, but when you succeed on the thirteenth it is truly sweet.
†††††The background music is lively and each Round has a different theme. Good magic strike sound and you hear your magic as it charges up. Norman Rockwell didnít do the artwork. The scenery is stagnant. It looks good, just no movement. Character's graphics have plenty of movement and colors. The weapons that are thrown at you have good detailing. Don't spend too much time looking at them.


†††††There are eight Battle Rounds that you must complete to defeat Zareth and free Alexandra.

Magic Types:

Psycho Magic When fully charged, the fire ball will split into three pieces when thrown
Flame Magic Appears at the end of Round 1- Makes you into a Fiery Flame- Use D-Control to radiate
Sonic Magic Appears in Round 2. You hold 6 balls of power that fly in 6 directions at once
Thunder Dragon Magic Appears in Round 3. Burn all enemies on screen with columns of flame

The longer that you hold the B-Button, the more powerful your Magic.

Blue Coin gives you an extra life
Red Coin speeds up Magic filling until you get killed

Special Moves:

†††††To jump Left or right, Press C an the press the D-Control LEFT or RIGHT

†††††To throw Swirling Flame, press B-Button and then use D-Control

Cheat Notes:
1) The Forest No Help
2) Staircase Maze The exit is not at the top of the stairs
3) The Fiends' Machine Room Destroy all enemies to escape
4) Lava Lake To get Dragon Thunder Magic, destroy The first 3 faces of the Six-Faced Phantom
5) The Spider Pit No Help
6) The Ghosts' Machine Room Destroy all Ghosts to escape
7) The Elevator Maze Don't retrace your steps or you'll never get out
8) Zao's Lair Destroy Zao and Alexandra will be freed

A Button Select Magic
B Button Swirl/Throw Magic
C Button Jump
Start Button Start/Select/Pause
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