NBA Jam 1993 By: Midway/Acclaim

NBA Jam Genesis Screenshot Screenshot 1
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This is basketball with extreme action! Play with a 2 on 2 games. Knock those around you, amazing super dunks, and defeat all teams!


This is a basketball game. Beat other teams, and advance to the next team until you beat them all!

A Button Shoot/Block
B Button Turbo
C Button Pass/Steal
X Button N/A
Y Button N/Atd>
Z Button N/A
Start Button Pause
Mode Button N/A
Your on fire!
If you shoot three times in a row, and make each shot, then you will "be on fire". When this happens, you cannot miss anymore shots, and the ball with light up in fire everytime it leaves your hands. The net will burn when you make a shot. This will continue until the other team scores a shot.
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