Outrun 2019 1993 By: Sega

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You step on the accelerator; your car's tires kick up a cloud of smoke and debris as they scrabble for a grip on the road's surface. The force of your acceleration shoves you deep into your seat and the walls of the surrounding tunnel become a blur. You switch out of low gear.

Your car shoots out of the tunnel. There's a flash of blinding light before the windshield darkens to compensate. Above you can see a clear blue sky and the outlines of mountains in the distance.

Quickly you duck around a sportscar dawdling in your path, and the road is open in front of you. The gauge that doubles as a tachometer and a power meter turns white and begins to flash. You brace yourself, and are slammed back into your seat as your car's booster rocket blasts you forward...

Get ready for the wildest drive of your life, 21st century style. Five incredible cross-country races take you through some of the most impressive sights--and the most treacherous roads--in the world. You'll travel at speeds that will test the limits of your skills, reflexes... and nerve. A sound racing strategy can also mean the difference between a disastrous crash and setting a new world speed record.

Get behind the wheel, and prove that in 2019, you rule the road!

--From the Genesis Outrun 2019 instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 3 copies are available for full accounts.
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