Primal Rage 1995 By: Time Warner Interactive Inc.

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"In the future... civilization died... in the cataclysms. The Draconians were born... from the death... of old earth. Who will rule the new Urth?"

Primal Rage is a one on one fighting game where dinosaurs and gorillas
fight each other for domination of the, "Urth". A simple concept, but the
game is a little deeper than you might think. There are seven different characters you can
choose from, five dinosaurs and two gorillas. Itís kinda gory, but very fun. It's similar
to the Mortal Kombat games, at the end of the second round, you finish off
your opponent. If you input a certain combination of buttons, your dino or
gorilla will brutally murder your opponent(now that's entertainment).
Of course, the Genesis version of Primal Rage canít compare to the arcade version, due to
itís sixteen bit capabilities, but that doesnít mean that the game isnít fun.
It still retains all the combos and "fatalities" from the arcade version, it just
doesn't look quite as good as the arcade version did. Due to the many different options in
the game, it can be very easy or very hard. You can set each opponentís strength and how
many rounds there are. In closing I would like to say that the game fills me with a primal need to rage
against my buddies for the rule of Urth.


1-2 player fighter: Kill! Kill! Kill!

A Button High Fierce
B Button Low Quick
C Button Low Fierce
Start Button High Quick
Extra Options
At the main menu press Left, Up, Right, Right, Up, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Up. An "Extra Options" menu will appear.
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