Quackshot Starring Donald Duck 1991 By: SEGA

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A Treasure Hunt
Across the Continents!

While Uncle Scrooge naps, Donald Duck is flipping through some old books in the library.

Waaack! Out falls a strange piece of paper from one of the books. It's a long-lost message from King Garuzia, the old-time ruler of the Great Duck Kingdom. He's hidden his most prized possession somewhere on earth. And he's left a map that leads to its whereabouts!

"I could be rich! Richer than Uncle Scrooge,” Donald thinks to himself. But Big Bad Pete and his Ducky Gang are lurking outside the window. They're about to snatch the map, but Donald dashes away, safe for the moment.

"Donald, you're late!" Daisy scolds. "But Daisy, some-thing fabulous is waiting for me!" Donald squawks. "If I can find it, it will be a terrific surprise for you. I'll tell you all about it when I get back!"

If he comes back! Donald has no idea what dangers surround the hunt for the Great Duck Treasure. He only knows that he'll do anything to find it...

--From the Genesis Quackshot Starring Donald Duck instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 3 copies are available for full accounts.
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     I never knew how ineffective a bathroom plunger was as a weapon until I used one against a man with a bazooka. Sadly, Donald only has such outlandishly stupid weapons to use against people armed with the best weaponry money can buy. Normally I advise to charge forward, but what idiot would do so armed only with bathroom plungers, popcorn shooters and bubblegum blasters? Donald Duck comes to mind.
     Yeah that’s your arsenal, but if the job were easy a former American President would probably take it. But here we have the famous and frighteningly demented Donald Duck to the rescue. If he doesn’t just freak out and bust a hole through your computer screen, you just might win the game.
     As the moose should have told you at the entrance, Donald has found a treasure map and is on a worldwide search for Vidalia onions (no, of course not, treasure). He encounters numerous bad guys that he must defeat with his limited weaponry and even more limited intelligence. Donald travels first class on an aircraft piloted by his three nephews Pebbles, Bam Bam and Dino Huey, Dewey and Louie to ten exotic locations (if you consider downtown Duckburg exotic) such as Duckburg, Mexico, some Aztec Ruins, Translyvania, a Viking Ghostship (dark and moonlit - hint, hint), the South Pole, the Maharaja’s Palace, Egypt (notice, not the Egypt), Ducky Gang’s Hideout and Great Duck Treasure Island.
     The game opens like a movie, which is original. Great graphics, as should be expected with most SEGA games. The manner in which you must win the game, moving back and forth through locations, is also original, making the game non-linear. I give it a 90, Mr. Clark. Easy to dance to and the words make a lot of sense.


     Donald chooses locations from the map to travel to and is transported to them by aircraft. He must fight his way through the locations, finding helpful objects that will assist him in his adventure, until he arrives at a place where he cannot continue without a special weapon or item. This point is called a “checkpoint,” and it is from here that he can call his aircraft. Hopefully a friend there will give him a clue as to what he needs, or the object needed will be obvious. He plants his flag (this is where he will return to when he comes back to the location), calls his aircraft, and travels to another location in search of the object.
Weapons (if that’s what you want to call them):

     Yellow Plunger - only stuns bad guys for a few moments, but you get an unlimited supply

     Red Plunger – fights foes and lets Donald climb obstacles (he's a Duck that talks but doesn’t fly)

     Green Plunger –sticks to critters that can fly, unlike ducks – Donald finds it on a dark night while looking for his courage

     Popcorn Shooter – loaded by picking up corn items

     Bubblegum Shooter – break downs obstacles – Gyro Gearloose has the ammo

Bonus Items:

     IUP – gains an extra life

     Food – increases the Power Gauge

     Corn – needed for Popcorn Shooter

     Money Bag – increases the bonus points

     Red-Hot Chili Peppers – Five of these will send Donald into a Quack Attack

A + LEFT Dash Left
A + RIGHT Dash Right
B Button Fires Weapon
C Button Jump / Choose Weapon
Start Button Start / Weapon Screen
UP Climb Ladders
DOWN Duck / Descend Ladders
UP + B Shoot Upwards
DOWN + LEFT + C Slide Left
DOWN + RIGHT + C Slide Right
The box to the left of the points meter on the information bar will start flashing when Donald is near a checkpoint.
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