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Rambo III
The Rescue

Hand-to-hand combat! Grenades bursting! Machine guns rattling! Explosions, smoke, and the faces of men suddenly caught dead by a bullet.

These pictures burn in the mind of a man helping to build a simple temple in the mountains. The man is John Rambo, private citizen, former Green Beret. In Vietnam, Rambo earned his rep as a hero who couldn't be stopped, even in the face of impossible danger. Now he spends his days in a forgotten village, struggling with the anguish of memories he can't shake.

But today a stranger appears at the temple. "Rambo" the man says, "I've been looking for you"

Rambo stares at the speaker. The pain of the memories fades as he recognizes his old friend.
"Colonel Trautman!" Rambo says. "Why are you here?"

"Because I need you. I'm going into Afghanistan on a top secret mission. Right now the border is crawling with Russians. But I've got to get in there! You're the only one I can trust to get me across the border alive!"
Rambo's heart cringes at the idea of more war — for what! He gazes into the distance, remembering past horrors.

"Sorry, Colonel. My war is over."

Deep in a night-shrouded mountain pass somewhere between Pakistan and Afghanistan, three jeeps led by Colonel Trautman attempt to cross the border. Suddenly the sound of raging thunder surrounds them. A Russian Hind helicopter is in pursuit and firing! Before they can reach cover, two jeeps are hit and demolished! Then a voice booms out: "You cannot escape! Drop your weapons now!"

"Trautman's been caught!"

Hearing this, Rambo starts to boil with anger. All through Vietnam, Trautman was the only one who understood his deepest feelings. The Colonel was like a father to him. Now his life is at stake! If only Rambo had gone with him into Afghanistan! If only... if only...

Rambo turns to the agent who brought him the news. "I'm going after him! I want you to get my supplies. They've got Trautman, and now they're going to get their worst nightmare!"

--From the Genesis Rambo 3 instruction manual.

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     OK, you are Rambo which means two things: you shouldn’t be without your medication and you can expect to be beaten up early and often. Has Sylvester Stallone ever played a character that wasn’t a human punching bag? Our Hero, like the real Rambo and Timex watches, can take a kicking and keep on ticking. It takes a lot to kill him, but the Commies throw a lot at him. You’d better be fast or you won’t last.

     And couldn't Rambo at least wear a tee-shirt? Like what does he think is going to stop the bullets? Adrian's face? ADRIAN! Yeah, I guess Rambo wouldn't be Rambo if he could protect himself. Just marches into the gunfire wearing nothing but his dogtags.
     Ain’t nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is gonna make it through the first scene on the first try. OK, the English might be bad, but them Commies are worse. If you are gonna sit there and correct my grammar, then you can put yourself on the fire now, cause you are already cooked.
     Anybody got a clue as to what that last paragraph meant and why it’s in this review?
     This game has more action than a popcorn popper. Commies keep coming at you from every direction and all you have are explosive arrows, time bombs, your trusty knife and a machine gun to fight them with. Actually that is a nice cache of weaponry. So what’s your problem? It isn’t as if you have only your wits and some kitchen mitts!
     This is a rare game where you can kill until you puke! Wait a second, aren’t all action games like that? Well whatever, the game plays out on a military base, not a kindergarten, so tough guys should already know their way around. All you need is a turkey and a parade and it would be a Rambo Thanksgiving.
     There are six missions to keep you busy with intense fighting and graphic sounds. As you slog your weary way from one mission to another just assume that things will get worse before they get…no, just assume things are going to get worse.
     You can hear your explosive arrow charging up and can almost feel the bullets pass by you by the sound of the gunfire but then some slack-jaw sound technician makes bombs sound like machine gun fire and you are more confused than Rambo reading the Business Section. The first dozen times I used them, I just thought the enemy was blasting me. But the explosions make up for it by throwing fire and shrapnel everywhere. It is a beautiful sight.
     The opening sequence was AWESOME! I almost headed for Canada when I saw it.


     Your mentor, and the best fry cook the U.S. Marines ever had, has been taken captive, so what must you do? Save the Colonel! Do you need anymore reason that that? So to get you started on your missions I give you the following information:

     When you have selected the explosive arrow, the longer that you hold the “B” button down, the more powerful it becomes.
     Explosive Arrows work against towers but not ammo dumps and conversely, Time Bombs work against ammo dumps but not towers.
     Missions 1, 3, 5 and 6 have bonus rounds that you must win in order to advance. Charge your explosive arrows to the fullest; jump out at the proper time and fire at the tank and helicopter! Simple Enough!


Special Objects:

     Smiling Faces in a box give you extra lives

     An “A” in a box gives you a Bow and Arrows

     A “B” in a box gives you a Time Bomb

     Hero or Baby? Which shall it be? Heroes will ignore the following information and just fight like the real Rambo would do while Babies, who just want to win, have no choice but to use these cookbook directions. Babies make me SICK!
Mission One:

     After killing all the commies, blast your way through the gate with machine gun fire and explosive arrows. (OK, Baby, aren’t you ashamed? You could have figured that out by yourself if you hadn’t been so worried about your dirty diaper)
Mission Two:

     OK Sissy, you will need to fire your machine gun (not your milk bottle) at the cells until the Secret Agent identifies himself. When he does, the place is about to blow up so get out quickly by blowing up the exit.
Mission Three:

     You have to destroy the guard towers with timer bombs (like I was going to use oatmeal) and use machine gun fire to break through the gate.
Mission Four:

     This is Real Rambo Rampage Time! You have to destroy EVERYTHING until some hokey ratio reaches 100%. (10,000 dead commies and I still only got a 98%!)
Mission Five:

     He’s at it again! Destroy the tanks and helicopters using fully charged explosive arrows (is there another kind?) and kill everybody (except for yourself - you are a psychopath, not a suicidal mental patient).
Mission Six:

     You Whiny Babies make me so sick I shouldn’t even tell you what to do! But here goes: search through the maze until you find the Colonel (you know, the guy that didn’t need cheat notes to get here. Wait a second, he has been captured. Maybe cheat notes would have helped him).

A Button Select Special Weapon
B Button Use Special Weapon
C Button Fire Machine Gun
Start Button Start / Pause
Your Friend The Knife
Knifing certain soldiers gives you extra lives
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