RBI Baseball 4 1992 By: Tengen

RBI Baseball 4 Genesis Screenshot Screenshot 1
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Good ol' baseball fun! Play against some of the greatest baseball players in history! And with awesome detail, there is no reason not to try this game out! Are you man enough to stand up against the big boys in what is called, "The Great American Past-Time"?


This game features 26 real MLB teams and players. It includes a Homerun Derby, which you can face a pitching machine (literally, A pitching machine!) for a long distance shootout! The Game Beakers mode allows you be the team's hero in any situation! So go out there and PLAY BALL!

A Button Swing bat
B Button No real use
C Button Bunt
Start Button Bring up Time Out Menu while in play
Secret Message
Enter RBIBASEBALL4 as a password. A new message and password will be shown.
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