Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpy's Invention 1993 By: SEGA

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Watch out, man!!!

Stimpy's latest invention, the Mutate-O-Matic, just exploded while Stimpy was trying to turn ordinary household garbage into a delicious glazed ham!

The pieces of the Mutate-O-Matic blew all over the place, Ren & Stimpy's lab was destroyed, and the whole town was warped!!!

Do you know what you have to do now??? YOU DON'T!!! Then read this:

  1. Collect all the pieces of the Mutate-O-Matic.
  2. Reassemble the machine.
  3. Turn it off.
Relax, man. It should be easy.

--From the Genesis Ren & Stimpy Show: Stimpy's Invention instruction manual.

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     So, Ren has done something stupid. Again. And you have to help him clean up his mess or the whole world will go haywire. Seems it’s doing that without Ren’s help, but just to play along we will help him. So our dummy-duo set out to undo their doo-doo by searching for the exploded parts of Ren’s Mutate-O-Matic. They search high and low and with these boys, low can be very low. They have a Neighborhood (hopefully not yours), a Zoo, the City, the Pound and the Great Outdoors to search.
     The game plays like a cartoon. Surprised? Ren and Stimpy are cartoons, you Moron! The great thing is that in the game you can be mindless and do incredibly stupid things, as you would anyway, but blame it on the cartoon characters. This game should satisfy the Ren and Stimpy in all of us.
     If you ever wanted to see two morons do some crazy outlandish moves, baby you’ve come to the right place. If it can be done and is legal in most states, they will do it. One great thing is that you are not being attacked as soon as you land on the screen so you can practice the moves or just perform them for laughs.
     The characters and scenery have the same flavor as does the cartoon. Bright, cheerful, colorful and bizarre. The game has fun cartoon backgrounds and nice colorful secondary characters. And the sounds are every bit equal to the graphics. Every stupid thing that the duo does has a distinctive sound. Flyswatting, cat-ball spitting, whatever, it will have its own sound. The background music is also cartoon-like, enjoyable to listen to as you move about. Nothing in the manual regarding an increase in difficulty as you progress from round to round , but it should be expected. Also no mention about Bosses that you might encounter, so maybe this will be a vacation for you.


     As with any place within a video game, there is danger everywhere. Use the boy’s individual and teamwork techniques to keep them safe as they look for the missing parts. Look for Goodies as you go (as if I had to tell you). You get an extra life for every 50,000 points that you have (don’t we all?) and Powdered Toast will save you if you fall through the cracks of society (or at least the sidewalk).
     Ren and Stimpy need to find the “Beaver Power” in the Neighborhood, the “Gauge” in the Zoo, the “Thingy” in the City, the “TV” in the Pound and the “Gizmo” in the Great Outdoors. Shouldn’t be too hard. After all, all of the pieces must be hidden somewhere inside your computer. So if you hear some chainsaws running or smell burning circuitry, just understand that boys gotta do what boys gotta do.
     In One-Player mode, Ren and Stimpy must always work together. No wandering off while the other gets run over by a deranged lawnmower. No, if one gets hit by a John Deere, so does the other. But for those of you playing in Two-Player mode, you get twice-the-insanity. You get to use the flyswatter and the wet towel, but you also get to wander about alone endangering not only yourself but possibly your partner as well. What happens when one of you dies and not the other? Never tried that one, but I assume that your best buddy just has to wait until you get killed also.

A Button Team-Work Move
B Button Attack
C Button Jump
UP Move Up / Climb
DOWN Move Down / Crouch
A + LEFT Run Leftward
A + RIGHT Run Rightward
C + LEFT Jump Leftward
C + RIGHT Jump Rightward
Start + LEFT Switch Characters
Start + RIGHT Switch Characters
Start Button Start / Pause / Resume
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