Revenge of Shinobi 1989 By: Sega

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The Neo Zeed has assassinated your sensei and kidnapped your beautiful fiance, Naoko. You are
Joe Musashi, the master ninja. The secrets of Shinobi are at your disposal; the art of
stealth and Ninjitsu (the ninja magic). You must destroy a vicious army while rescuing her from the clutches of their evil leader.

The graphics in Revenge of Shinobi were state-of-the-art. It features exotic locations, multi-scrolling game-play, cool backgrounds, and sprites galore! The character animation is great too, as Musashi and his foes have many unique moves. All the way around, The Revenge of Shinobi was an excellent game.


Using the secrets of Shinobi, fight through the levels to avenge your master and rescue your fiance.

The controls of this game were excellent. The Revenge of Shinobi has a simple control system which can be learned quickly. At your disposal are Ninjitsu (ninja Magic), attack (different types depending on position and power-up), and jump.
You can also crouch, double jump (for extra height), 8 shuriken spread, and jump down.
You'll come across Power Packs that will increase strength and abilities.
Some of the jumps needed to advance are tricky, but the tight control and practice will get you there.
The eight districts you'll need to navigate are Ibaraki Province, Tokyo, The Military Base, Detroit, Area Code 818, Chinatown, New York, and the Neo Zeed Marine Stronghold. Each has a unique look, and is chock full of various enemies and
bosses. My favorite locale is the Tokyo Waterfall. I was amazed
at the graphic that makes the water move and it appeared very

A Button Ninjitsu
B Button Attack
C Button Jump
Start Button Start/Pause
Unlimited Knives
At The very beginning of the game go to the options menu and change the number of weapons to 00, then do not do ANYTHING for ten seconds, then the 00 will become an infinity sign and your weapons will never run out.
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