Ristar 1995 By: Sega

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An evil alien leader by the name of Greedy has been causing major anarchy. He has made the leaders of every known planet evil, created an army of devastating orb creatures and captured an ancient hero as well. This hero just happens to be the father of Ristar, who must go beyond all lengths to travel to each planet and bring Greedy down and rescue his father. Can he rise to the occasion?

Ristar being one of Sega's later releases for the Genesis, it didn't quite get enough recognition. But also being one of the later creations, it came out just wonderful. The graphics are nicely sized and everything in the game is vibrant and colorful, not to mention detailed. The music tracks are fitting, being very upbeat and cheerful to match the mood. Game-play is wonderful, too, Ristar being your side-scroller with a few little twists as well. If you're curious, give this game a go. You won't be disappointed.


Yep, more classic side-scrolling action packed in Ristar! Unlike Sonic, though, you'll have to rely on technique and patience to be able to venture through the vast worlds in this game. There are many treasures to be found, so make sure you find everything!

This game is separated into six different worlds you have to venture in: Flora, Undertow, Scorch, Sonata, Freon, and Automaton. The final area is a sort of spaceship level. During the first six areas, you'll encounter mini bosses who you'll have to fight.

Ristar has a different way of fighting and getting around. Using his super long arms, he's able to latch onto enemies and strike or latch onto a branch and pull himself up or climb up walls. There are also aquatic levels, in which Ristar swims, but he's good in that environment also.

A Button Jump
B Button Hold to grab, release to attack enemies
C Button Jump
Start Button Pause game
Code List
AGES - Copyright info is shown.
DOFEEL - Play bonus stage timed mode.
ILOVEU - Level select function.
MAGURO - "Onchi Music" mode enabled, two new tunes.
MIEMIE - Hit blue stars to receive a treasure.
MUSEUM - "Boss Rush" mode enabled. (Timed)
XXXXXX - Deactivates passwords.
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