Road Rash 1991 By: Electronic Arts

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Road Rash was one of my favorite games on the Genesis. I never owned a copy, but a buddy of mine did. We used to play Road Rash until his parents would finally make us go outside and play. It was very addictive. What kept me going was the ability to win money and spend it on new bikes and what not. I also liked knocking people on the ground while going a hundred miles an hour by kicking, punching, or even hitting them with a chain or club you stole from them. They even had a life bar for each person so it wasn't that easy to knock em off. Sometimes you had to fight with them for a while before they would fall. You always have to be careful of the fuzz though. If you fall off your bike while a cop is near, he will bust you and charge you a rather hefty fine. This is a real bummer since you need that money to get better bikes. Road Rash is quite a fun game and I suggest you give it a try!


Race and fight your way to the top. Just don't forget to spend your cash on new bikes so you can stay ahead of the competition. Oh yea, watch out for the cops too!

A Button Brake
B Button Gas
C Button Attack
Start Button Start/Pause
If another rider tries to attack you with a weapon, quickly attack him and you will steal the weapon.
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