Road Rash 3 1995 By: Electronic Arts

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Try taking the lead in every race. You must rank 3rd place or better to qualify . You must qualify on every track to move on to the next course, or level.

On every race, you get paid a certain amount of money. The higher your rank in the end, the more cash you get. You can use this cash to upgrade your current bike, or to buy a new one.

Hitting players can push your rank up, because you knock them behind. Punch, kick, and use a weapon to make another racer fall behind in the race. You can get weapons by stealing them from other racers.

You must also watch out for cops. If you stop, you will get busted, and that will cost you some money. You will get busted if you simply stop or fall of your bike.


Race against others on motorcycles. Punch, kick, and hit others with a weapon to push you closer to first place. The higher your rank, the better the pay you get! Avoid crashing into cars, and watch out for cops, or you will get busted!

A Button Brake
B Button Accelerate
C Button punch/kicks if holding c and down/uses weapon
X Button N/A
Y Button N/A
Z Button N/A
Start Button Starts game/Pauses game
Mode Button N/A
Be sure to buy new bikes and upgrades as you win money, otherwise, the competition will leave you in the dust.
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