Rocket Knight Adventures 1993 By: Konami

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You play as the Rocket Knight, Sparkster. The Rocket Knights are a group of elite fighters who protect the empire from all dangers. One day, the empire is attacked by a rival nation and the princess Sherry is kidnapped by the rival's leader, Axle! Axle plans to unleash a powerful weapon that will decide the fate of this war! Sparkster now must find Axle and flush him out!


Classic sidescrolling game.

If you read the "Controls" section, you learned that you can charge up Sparkster's jetpack. While it's fully charged, you can push the directional buttons in the way of where you want to go, which works well for high places. As some games, you'll find a boss to fight, which will take a while to destroy!

A Button Press to attack, hold to chrage up rocket
B Button Jump
C Button Same as A button
Build Your Own Demo
Pause the game and press Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Left, Left, Left, Right. You will see the word 'PAUSE' in reverse if you did it correctly. Now get yourself killed in whatever entertaining way pleases you. After the Game Over screen, wait until the game goes into demo mode. The demo should look hauntingly familiar...
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