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How about trying a new extreme sport? Bring it on! Hop on your deck and grab a hold of a bumper, any bumper, in this video game take on illegal street surfing. Designed by the folks who created the motorcycle massacre, ROAD RASH, Skitchin' lets you race in a dozen different locales across the United States. Realistic cityscapes serve as the backdrop for this exciting title, and a complete police force is present just to keep things interesting. Use weapons like baseball bats, crowbars, chains, pipes, and more to fend off opponents. If you earn enough dough, you can upgrade your parts and build yourself a better ride. Packed with cool tricks, unexpected tumbles, and heated competition, Skitchin' is a genuine original… to say the least.

--from the Genesis Skitchin' box summary


This game is kind of similar to Road Rash series except you're on rollerblades instead of motorcycles. The objective is to complete a series of illegal races by hanging from the back of moving cars, and gaining enough speed to finish first. The game is full of jumps where you can perform stunts, and like the Road Rash series, full of fighting and weapons.

Once you've started racing, hold down "B" to start rollerblading. Check your rear view at the bottom of the screen to see when cars are coming behind you then when one is nearby press "A" + the control pad left or right to attempt to grab on the back of one. Be careful not to stand directly in front of the car or you will get hit. Once you're hanging from a car the best thing to do is stay on it until the car is directly behind at least one other car, then fling yourself up to cars further up by holding down "B" and moving off the car. Press "C" to attack either with your fist or with a weapon. To Pick up weapons off the ground duck down and press "A", or you can steal them from others when they're trying to whack you with them.

When approaching a jump, it's usually a good idea to use it because it will let you gain more speed and it looks cool. When you are in the air press different game-pad buttons with different control pad directions to do different stunts. The best way to learn your favorite stunts is by trial and error. Be sure to give yourself enough time to land or your your stunt will not prove to be worthwhile.

A Button Hang onto cars (with control pad left or right),
pick up weapons (with control pad down)
B Button Rollerblade, fling off of cars
C Button Attack
Start Button Pause
Cheat Mode
At the warning screen, press B, A, Down, A, Start, Start. A shout will confirm you did it right. Then you will be in cheat mode and can enter in a number of words in the password screen to boost your game such as "Money", "Thrash", "Armor", or "Speed".
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