Slaughter Sport 1991 By: Razorsoft

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The year is 2550 A.D., and fighters from around the universe come to the fight palace of the champion, known as Mondu.

In 1989, Activision releases Tongue of the Fatman for the PC. (also known as Mondu's Fight Palace) Although it was on-par with the original Street Fighter, it was underrated. (of course, Street Fighter II blew it away) During the craze of what SF2 caused, Sanritsu Denki releases a Megadrive port, known as Fat Man, in 1990. Razorsoft releases it as Slaugher Sport for the Sega Genesis in 1991.

Although it was the only fighting game for the Genesis at that time, it's still not a decent fighting game, even at their standards.

Although you have the ability to buy health, strength, and various magic abilities to fight your way through the tournament. It isn't easy. In fact, good luck getting through the second match as Rex. Though, it might be interesting when playing with a friend.


Control Rex (or one of the others, if you use a code) as you fight your way through the Slaughter Sport tournament, proving your skills and becoming a hero.

A Button Normal Attack
B Button Special Attack
C Button Use Magic
X Button n/a
Y Button n/a
Z Button n/a
Start Button Start / Choose
Mode Button n/a
Unlock Fighters for 1-Player Mode.
At the title screen, press a combination of the following to play as that character in 1-Player Mode: EDWINA - Left, B+C, C
GUANO - Up, Right, A+B
ROBOCHIC - Right, Up, Down
STUMP - A+C, Right, C
RAMSES - Right, Left, A
M C FIRE - Down, C, Right
WEEZIL - Down, Right, Up
SKINNY - Right, Down, Right
BRANIAC - Right, Right, C
BUFF - Left, C, B
EL TORO - B+C, A, Up
SPIDRA - A, Down, B
MANDU - A+B, Down, Left
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