Sonic 3-D Blast 1996 By: Sega

Sonic 3-D Blast Genesis Screenshot Screenshot 1
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Dr. Robotnik is at it again! But this time, he's got hold of all the Flickies and turned them into robots. Only Sonic The Hedgehog can save them!Sonic 3-D Blast is a lot of fun once you get used to playing a 3-D Sonic game. The graphics were pretty good for the Genesis. I think they got the idea for this game from the 3-D looking bonus levels from Sonic 2 and 3. Sonic 3-D Blast is a lot fun to play and pleasing to the eyes, so give it a try!


Kinda similar to the other Sonic games. You have to jump on enemies to kill them, but you have to collect the Flickies, too. Once you collect them all, go to the ring, and go to the next level.

A Button Jump
B Button Spin Dash
C Button Jump
Level Select
Go to the Press Start screen and enter the code: B,A, Right, A, C, Up, Down, A (or baracuda). You should then be taken to the main screen. Press the Start Option ad the level select will appear next. Choose your level and begin play.
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