Sonic Classics 1996 By: Sega

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Three classic Sonic the Hedgehog games in one! Choose from Sonic 1 or 2, or Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean machine.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
Check out these games from Sega's most popular character and biggest game series. Dr. Robotnik is always up to no good, and it's up to you and Sonic to stop him!


Find complete information about each game, on their own respective game info pages.

A Button Jump
B Button Jump
C Button Jump
Start Pause
Down Look Down/Beans go down faster
Up Look Up
Left Move beans left
Right Move beans right
Down+A Spin Dash
Sonic 1 Level Select
At the title screen in Sonic 1, press Up, Down, Left, and Right. You should hear a sound confirming it. Then press and hold A and press Start
Level Select in Sonic 2
Chose Sonic 2 and go to options, then play sounds 19, 65, 09, 17 in that order. Then press start and hold down A. When you get to the title screen press start, and the level select will be there!!
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