Sonic & Knuckles 1994 By: Sega

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Sonic and Knuckles plays a lot like the other Sonic Games. You only use one of the buttons. The one button does different actions at different times. The coolest thing about it was the ability to plug Sonic 2 or 3 into it and play them as Knuckles, which was a first in America. The graphics have a lot of bright colors and are well drawn without looking too pixelated. The story was kinda uninteresting. Again, you have to stop Dr. Robotnik from getting the chaos emeralds. This game is a lot of fun. If you like Sonic games, you'll love this.


A, B, or C Buttons Jump
Down and A, B, or C Super Spin
A, B, and C x2 Special Midair attack
Level Select
In Mushroom Hill Zone, while hanging off one of the pulling machines, press left three times, right three times, and up three times. You should hear the ring sound. Pause and press A to be taken to the title screen. Highlight either Sonic or Knuckles as your character, and press start while holding A. The menu shows all levels in the game, but some are specific to a certain character, so you can't play those if you picked an incompatible character. Any time you want to exit and select a different level, just repeat the code from right after the pulling machine part.
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