Spider-Man (Sega Ver.) 1991 By: Sega

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Peter Parker was watching the television one afternoon when he heard some shocking news. The notorious Kingpin has planted a bomb in New York City and is placing the blame on Spider-Man. Identifying himself only as a concerned citizen, the Kingpin has set all of New York City in a panic! It's up to you as Peter Parker to put on the Spidey suit and clear your name. You must be careful where you go -- the Kingpin has also put a $10,000 price on your head. All of New York -- even the police -- is out to get you!

Your first stop should be the Daily Bugle to check and see if the public is buying the Kingpin's story. If they are, it's going to be up to you to provide the pictures to clear your name. Besides that, you've got to do something about the bomb the Kingpin planted. He's got six evil henchmen working with him and you'll have to battle each of them if you want to get to the Kingpin himself. Each henchman has a key to the Kingpin's bomb. Every time you defeat a henchman you'll get a key. You'd better hurry, because if you don't have all six keys in twenty-four hours the bomb will destroy New York City!

Along the way, make sure to take pictures of the action, just as Peter Parker would. Once you've defeated a villain you can sell the pictures to the Daily Bugle for cash you can use to buy material to make more webbing. After all, you're bound to run short of webbing before this day is through. If Spider-Man can live through this day and clear his reputation, Peter Parker should get some well-deserved rest. Now hurry, you've only got twenty-four hours to finish your mission!

Lemme just say, this game will appeal to both Spidey and adventure gamers alike. The graphics are done nicely, Spider-Man and the enemies a good size. The sounds and music are okay, nothing to brag about. The game-play is nice as well, battling a boss at the end of each stage. If you're a little skeptical about this one, play for yourself, and rate it on your own likings.


The object here is to beat the game within a time limit. While doing this, you must also collect items, fight baddies, and save people. Use all techniques to your advantage!

A Button Use selected item from pause menu
B Button Punch, kick
C Button Jump, stick to a wall
X Button No use
Y Button No use
Z Button No use
Start Button Pause, skip intro
Mode Button No use
Cheat Mode
Go to the options menu, enter the level selection and choose Spidey. Hold: Start on 2P and Hold: A+B+C on 1P then press (the diagonal button on the D-pad) up-right. Pause during the game and press A for Web refill, B for Full life, & C for Invincibility (this only lasts temporarily)
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