Spider-Man / Venom: Separation Anxiety 1995 By: Acclaim

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Spiderman and Venom(Eddie Brock) have to team up against the children of the symbiote, before they can take over the world.
Are you a bad enough dude to wear red tights?


Spiderman and Venom have identical move sets, however, as you can expect Spiderman is fast and weaker while Venom is slower and stronger. You can use your basic attack to combo enemies. To use a more powerful attack, press jump and attack at the same time.
Using your web power, you can stop them in their tracks, grapple them into a grab, or create a shield to protect yourself. If two enemies are on either side of you, pressing the web button will grapple both of them into each other. The last special ability you have is the web swing. You can swing left or right, or swing straight up. If you are just hanging there you can press the direction you want to go, to swing that way.

A Button Attack
B Button Jump
C Button Web Shot/Web Grapple/Web Shield
Y Button Web Swing
Start Button Pause
Special Passwords
Hard Mode - MRRYPN Level Select - SCBCRS
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