Storm Lord 1990 By: Razorsoft

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Prepare to enter worlds of terror, where daylight battles the darkened night. As thunder roars its ravenous call throughout the land, streaks of lightening crackle through the dimly lit sky.

You, StormLord, have been summoned to the valley of the Enchanted Realm to rescue the entombed princesses captured by the Evil Rotting Crone.

As StormLord, you embark upon your most perilous journey. Only you possess the power and fury necessary to vanquish all who dare oppose you. Prepare to charge into battle with the Dreaded Draconian Fire Dogs. Thrust your mighty sword at Barbaric Killer Bees. Keep an eye out for Pearsbteh, the mutated man-munching moss, for they are hungrily eyeing you.

Rescue the entombed princesses hidden throughout the desolate world. Locate the treasures hidden within the labyrinth so the legend of StormLord will be told for centuries.

--From the Genesis Storm Lord instruction manual.

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