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This Time It's Personal!

One year has passed since ex-peace officers Adam hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding broke the Syndicate's hold and destroyed its leader, the mysterious "Mr. X." Peace has returned to the streets, people are moving back into the once-vacant neighborhoods, and the city has returned to prosperity.

On the anniversary of the Syndicate's destruction, Adam, Axel and Blaze meet at their favorite nightspot to commemorate the occasion and catch up on the latest news. Both Axel and Blaze have moved out of the city. Axel is working as a bodyguard, and Blaze is teaching dance. Adam has rejoined the police force, and has moved into a small house on the edge of the city with his kid brother. The three celebrate until late in the night, and make plans to meet at the same place next year.

As he plans to check out of his hotel the next day, Axel receives a frantic phone call from Eddie "Skate" Hunter. He had arrived home from school to find the house a total ruin. He'd called the police department, but nobody there had seen or heard from his brother since early that morning.

Both Axel and Blaze rush to Adam's home. Windows had been shattered and furniture smashed. Stuck on the remains of the splintered front door is a photo: Adam in chains, lying at the feet of the man they recognize only too well!

Adam's disappearance marks the beginning of the nightmare. Criminal elements swarm out to reclaim the streets. Gangs roam the parks, and bomb-wielding bikers make the roads deadly to travel at night. Beatings and lootings take place regularly and in broad daylight. Chaos reigns in the city, far worse than ever before!

Axel and Blaze try to contact their old friends at the force, the ones who once provided backup with heavy artillery. But everyone they know has either been fired or transferred elsewhere. This time the Syndicate is in complete control, and the two ex-cops are on their own!

Assisted by Adam's brother Skate and Axel's friend Max, Axel and Blaze set out to rescue Adam and destroy Mr. X once and for all. Standing in their way is the nastiest collection of punks and brawlers ever assembled. Add to that a force of professional fighters specially groomed to take them out of the picture!

As one of the four young vigilantes -- or together with a friend -- you'll battle with your fists and feet, and attack with whatever weapon you come across. Once more, you walk the Streets of Rage!

--From the Genesis Streets of Rage 2 instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 4 copies are available for full accounts.
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A big step up form the original Streets of Rage, this game provided four characters to choose from, all with unique characteristics and techniques. Now for the first time you could use a special attack, even more than once throughout a level, rather than simply call on the police and have them desert you afterward.
Every character was scaled slightly larger, giving a more in-the-face feel, and more enemies were added (notably Donavon and The Weird Ninjas).
Bosses grew out of their boring stage into mini-bosses and huge end of level bosses. A ride gone mad alien head will attack as well as a guy with daggers a many.

The bottle was removed from the game, but the weapons are still there, even a new shuriken was added... just what the bad ninjas needed... and a nice sword! Now you could hack your way through the levels.

The storyline keeps you involved this time, as you progress through each level, knowing where you are heading next. Save Adam and rescue the city, all in under 2 hours... Life is Sweet, Very Sweet!

9 out of 10! ENJOY!


Walk the streets (of rage ... I couldn't help it), alley, bars, ships, and anything else you can walk over, as man by man and piece by piece, you take the Syndicate out of commission once again. Use your fists and feet, ground or air, and tear apart each enemy as they try to stop you on your path to save Adam, who has been kidnapped.

Select From:

Axel - Returning to the streets as a main character from streets of rage, but much improved.

Max - A Friend of Axel's and one strong Wrestler, even if he is a bit slow.

Blaze - The female returnee from SOR, this time here to save her friend and city.

Skate - A newcomer at a very young age; to save his brother, he will do anything.

Walk and beat your way through each level, ranking your score higher and higher with everything you pick up and every baddie you put down. Defeat all the bosses, make the streets peaceful again, and save Adam's life.

Can you handle it?

A Button Special Attack
B Button Normal Attack
C Button Jump
Start Button Start/Pause
Lives and Level Select
Go to the main menu. Hold down A & B on controller 2 while selecting Options. You can now select how many lives you start with and which stage to start on.
Same Character in 2 Player
At the title screen hold Right & B on Controller 1 and hold Left & A on Controller 2. Press C on Controller 2 with everything else still held down. Now both players can be the same character.
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