Streets of Rage 3 1994 By: Sega

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In my opinion this is the best Sega Genesis game made. Its unraveling story keeps you wanting more, and Sega's hidden secrets throughout the game make you want to find them all and beat the game even faster.
The story involves several mind-jarring twists, such as Mr. X's robot and the mayor being kidnapped and replaced by a bot himself, makes you question if you went the wrong way or what you could have done to change the story even more!
The game takes you through several levels, some even hidden from the players. From the alleyway to the night club, then a construction site to a lab of maniac robots, the game is sure to tickle anyone's fancy.
Play the game many times to see the differing endings (4 of them in all) and use my secrets at the bottom for added fun and possibly faster play! You are sure to want to play this game for hours wanting to defeat Shiva, Roo, and Mona and Lisa the twins (Mona LISA ha Sega is brilliant).
The grown move list, the more weapons, the great amount of oddly similar enemies, the damage by bombs, the insanely difficult bosses, everything will keep you wrapped to your computer just to say you've truly beaten Streets of Rage 3!

Music and Sound made SOR3 above all else, alongside its flawless animation! The sound makes you feel as if you're actually in the streets, slashing up bad guys. The music is intense and sets the mood for each level, keeping you interested in the game, without annoying repetitiveness! I'd love to have this game as a soundtrack!

I give Streets of Rage 3 a 10 out of 10!

Best Genesis Game Ever!


It's your average beat-em-up game from the 90's. You walk down the streets beating up bad guys as you go along. This time Streets Of Rage has gone to a whole new level!
With a wide variety of weapons to obtain from enemies or mysteriously placed on the ground of each level, as well as fruit and meat lying around to help your health, and many secret areas, this time the game has gotten much more inclusive! Run, roll, walk, and jump your way through each level as you take on many characters such as Garcia, Goldie, Jack, and Ice or the ladies, Glorie and Grace!

Select from

Axel- One of the main characters who plays an important role in this game!

Blaze- The female main character who's a crowd favorite.
Skate- Making his second appearance now a bit older and bit more involved!
Zan- Dr. Zan is a major key to this game and a unique character! As well as 2 secret characters to help you take out the Syndicate's bosses from ruling and destroying the streets once again!
Rack up points, save the day, and get a high score. Nothing much better!

A Button Special Attack
B Button Basic Attack
C Button Jump/Vault In Grapple
X Button N/A
Y Button Double Hit
Z Button Back Hit
Start Button Start/Pause
Obtain Roo
At the title screen, hold Up and B, then press Start. Roo will now be available at the character select screen.
Obtain Roo Alternative Method
When you fight the clown and Roo, defeat the clown first and Roo should hop away off the screen. When you lose all your lives and continue, cycle through the characters and Roo will now be available.
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