Sunset Riders 1992 By: Konami

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The dusty badlands of the Wild West are crawling with more than just snakes, salamanders and prairie dogs. There's nasty vermin like the lowdown bandito Paco Loco, the bankrupt banker Simon Greedwell, and that dapper English diablo Sir Richard Rose. Each has a hefty price on his head. And there can be no peace in the valleys until the bounty hunters hit the trail!

Billy, believed to be the fastest gun in the West, and Cormano, rifle marksman extraordinaire, are ready to ride. Their reward for success is cold, hard cash. Their reward for failure is a cold, hard tombstone.

--From the Genesis Sunset Riders instruction manual.

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     You are a Wild West Bounty Hunter searching for dangerous outlaws, and your name is either Billy Cool or Cormano Wild. Does it really matter which? I mean let’s face it, your name is Keith Wiggins, you’re an insurance salesman, and right now you are hiding from the boss while you play this game on company time.
     Out here, pardner, one bullet will put you six feet under. Who designed this game, Quincy M.E.? Typical shoot-em up except you are in the Old West. And you have the life expectancy of a gopher having swallowed a hand-grenade. The villains come at you faster than water over Niagra Falls. So I tried kneeling to save myself (probably not a good idea in a cattle stampede) but that helped very little. I have no pride, so I would have crawled if the computer had let me. Anything to stay alive.
     The Old West graphics, complete with western towns, saloon girls, horses and even cattle, are a welcome change of pace from your typical game. Not to be confused with a Clint Eastwood movie, they still are fun just to look at.


     The background music is, what’s the word I am looking for, oh yeah, music. Not just some high-pitched synthesizer notes banged out ad nauseum. The gunfire sounds are realistic, at least for a video game, and you get to hear plenty of them as the bad guys riddle your body with lead. But the best sound that you will hear is when Cormano Wild changes shells in his shotgun. Sweet!
     The action is just TOO-FAST! This should please real-gamers, but the rest of us would like to at least make it from the left side of the screen to the right before seeing “Game Over”. But just think of the feeling of accomplishment when you actually complete a stage. Something I will probably never experience.
     The game has four stages, each more difficult than the previous, and they all have a bonus round. Bonus round? No help there folks, the manual didn't waste trees with any information. Guess you'll find out when you get there. The four outlaws that you are searching for keep getting meaner, such that you may never see the last one. The difficulty of the game should keep you amused for a long time if you don’t kick a spur through the screen. They should have named it more appropriately “Gravestone”.     Oh, and for those who are shooting impaired, there is DYNAMITE, with a powerful explosive sound when it goes off. Bet “The Three Little Pigs Seek Revenge on the Big Bad Wolf” doesn’t have that.


     Shoot first, shoot fast! With only a single shot to kill you, you better be quick.

Now you're talking! Although the manual doesn't tell you this, don't choose Doofus Billy Cool cause he's a fool! Doofus uses a six-shooter. What a moron! My man Cormano Wild uses a SHOTGUN baby! Even Mr. Magoo could hit outlaws with a shotgun. Yeah, somewhere down the line there might be something that Billy Boy can do better Cormano, but who cares? That shotgun makes me equal to anybody. Even Festus and Chester.

Four Outlaws to Look Four in Four Locations:

     Simon Greedwell in Reechforem Gulch

     Paco Loco in the Chatahoochie Choo-Choo

     Chief Scalpen in T.P. City

     Sir Richard Rose in Powder Keg Pines & the Rose Mansion

     Bullet – gives six-shooter rapid firing capability

     Dynamite – throw quickly, the fuse is already lit

     Gun – a gun for both hands

     Leather pouch – holds different things - shoot to open

     Coins – money

     Star – allows entry to bonus round at end of stage
     When shooting using the A-Button, you stop moving but when using the B-Button you can continue to move.

A Button Shoot / Throw Dynamite / Select
A + UP Shoot Upwards
A + DOWN Shoot Down
B Button Shoot
B + DOWN Crouch and Shoot
C Button Jump
C + UP Jump Higher
C + DOWN Jump Down
C + DIAGONAL DOWN Slide Left or Right
UP Enter a Building
DOWN Crouch / Pick Up Dynamite
Start Button Start / Pause
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