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Super Hang On has a lot to offer gamers. It has colorful graphics and the backgrounds look believable. The sound effects are pretty good, and there are several catchy tunes to pick from between each race. The controls are siple to use, but gameplay is where this game really has it going on! A seasoned player can really duck and dodge the other racers in a fast paced, high energy, rollercoaster ride. You get to make money by beating your rivals, and if you lose your money, your pride goes with it because they will taunt you. This, with the ability to upgrade/customize your bike makes Super Hang On easy to put yourself into.


Arcade Mode

The arcade mode is Super Hang-On is similar to the original Hang-On. However, there is a choice 4 tracks to race on which are based on continents, each containing a different amount of stages. Each stage is roughly half the length of a stage in the original Hang-On. Africa is the easiest and shortest out of the four courses (6 stages). Asia is the second easiest and is similar in length to the course from the original Hang-On at 10 stages long. The Americas is the second to toughest course, containing 14 stages and Europe is the hardest course, being 18 stages long. When the player starts a race, they have their choice of 4 songs that will play during the race, a feature borrowed from Out Run.

Original Mode

This mode is much more in depth than the arcade mode, though the gameplay in the races is the same. The main screen is a menu where the player has several options, much like the main screen in Rock N' Roll Racing. The player can buy new parts for their bike, hire a new mechanic, or start a race. This screen displays the player's current money as well as password for continuing their game.

Parts Guide

These are the parts in order of worst to best:

Frame: Determines bike maneuverability.

Iron Cradle $1200;

Double Cradle $2000;

Aluminum Double Cradle $8000;

Aluminum Space $128000;

Titanium Space $5000000;

Titanium Monocoque $8000000;

Engine: Determines acceleration.

OHC Normal $600;

DOHC Normal $2000;

DOHC V4 $8000;

Turbo V4 $32000;

Ceramic Turbo $512000;

Twin Turbo $8192000;

Brake: Slows down bike.

Drum $400;

Disc $1500;

Ventilated Disc $6000;

Double Disc $24000;

Anti-Skid $90000;

Muffler: Increases acceleration.

Normal; $300;

Col; $1500;

Works Original $6000;

Private Original $90000;

Oil: Increases acceleration.

Regular $100;

Manual $200;

Top $3200;

Private Original $14000;

Tires: Determines bike's grip on the road.

Normal $300;

Radial $400;

High Performance $1500;

Slick $6000;

Original Slick $24000;

A Button None
B Button Gas
C Button Brake
Start Start/Pause
Super Hang-On Easy Money
In normal mode, keep crashing until you have engine trouble or a broken windscreen. Start another race and you will be forced to retire. Hit B or C to return to the Options screen with an extra $400. Keep starting a race and retiring until you have as much cash as you need.
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