Super Thunder Blade 1986 By: Sega

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Weatherded and damaged, Thunder Blade returned victorious from its last mission against the renegade troops. But, this was not to be its last flight.

Reorganized with mega amounts of devastating militar electronics and weapons, the renegade troops have once again focused their sights on dominating the free world. From a secret power base in the East, they unleash their deadly troops who will take to land, sea, and air power- fully armed.

But so are you. From the cockpit of this remodified bird, you've got a state-of-the-art defense system at your fingertips. An aerodynamically designed alloy body flies up to 523 kph while a 20 mm Gatling Gun fires up to 4,800 shots a minute. A computer-aided flight system takes you through even the most hostile environments. Don't worry, you're firing cannons and dropping air-to-surface AATM missiles from your skids, so there's no stopping you and the greatest chopper in the sky.

Your objective is to blow the central enemy base sky high. But getting there is easier said than done. There are four stages to this game where you'll encounter cities, deserts, caves, oceans, and refineries. The strategy is easy, shoot straight, be brave, and just maybe you'll get your wings out of this mission. The free world as we know it, depends on you.

--From the Genesis Super Thunder Blade instruction manual.

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