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Eighteen years ago, the evil King Tsarkon of Cartahena ivaded Excalabra, destroying the fertile fields and peaceful folk of that once-prosperous land. King Erik of Excalabra saw that he could do nothing to stop the hordes that stormed his castle walls. He ordered his bravest kinght, Blade, to escape with the king's infant son and raise him far from the land of his birth.

Blade journeyed far, at last settling in the isolated village of Wyclif. There he raised the prince, never telling him of his royal heritage. Eighteen years passed, and the young prince grew into a strong, skillful warrior. On the day of Blade's death, the prince learned of his true identity. He vowed to fulfill his destiny and avenge his father's death.

--From the Genesis Sword of Vermilion instruction manual.

All copies are in use - 3 copies are available for full accounts.
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