Target Earth 1990 By: Dreamworks

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Target Earth™
A forgotten bit of history has come back to haunt the Earth and all her space bases. In 2101 a Space Exploration Team was sent out to search the farthest reaches of the galaxy for new life. The news of their launch was lost in the breakdown of communi-cation between the world's most powerful nations. War was declared and the resources devoted to tracking the Space Team were diverted to making nuclear warheads. The last communication from the Space Exploration team came from beyond Venus..."Help us! We have lost engine power. Help..." The rest was lost in static as the first bombs began to fall.

It took years for the dust to settle. Out of the ashes emerged an Earth unified in peace. Expanding technologies gave man the power to live anywhere in space and shortly thereafter the planets had frontier colonies. The Earth Defense League was formed to protect these colonies and the mother planet. At the heart of the defensive movement was the ASSAULT SUIT... a twelve foot tall armored battle machine with awesome fighting capabilities.

You joined the Earth Defense League as a buck private. Now you command an ASSAULT SUIT WING at Jupiter's Ganymede Base. Your name is Rex and you are a master at assault suit combat. And your special skills are being called for because a new enemy is attacking Earth and all her bases!

Little is known about their nature or purpose. Only their name, Chron, and that they fight with lightning fury! Your mission is to protect the interests of Earth and discover just who the enemy is. If you can defeat their evil power the Earth will be safe. Fail and all will be doomed! So gear up your Assault Suit. Load your weapons. It's battle time!

--From the Genesis Target Earth instruction manual.

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