Toe Jam And Earl 1991 By: Sega of America, Inc.

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ToeJam and Earl is a very cool game It had tons of levels and surprises. You can find money and buy presents which contain special abilities, like rocket skates and thorn bushes to use against your enemies. A lot of the enemies are weird, like hula-dancers and a giant hampster in a ball. The whole game is about finding your lost space ship parts, which sounds kind of boring but turns out to be very fun. Also the writers for the game thought of some hilarious dialogue. 7/10 Stars


Spaced-out music lovers, ToeJam and Earl, are missing some vital pieces to their rocket ship. Play as the hilarious alien pair, as you make your way through level after level of fungi jumping, tomato rain, a nerd herd, a crazed dentist, and flying school books in this laugh out loud game. Using your Funkscan, super wings, rocket skates, and inner tubes, you'll take on all enemies in your immediate surroundings (and there will be plenty of them). From underwater passages to secret lairs, this is one detailed, hilarious, original game. Play alone, or challenge a friend to a head-to-head match-up. (Found at

A Button Use Item
B Button Toggle List
C Button Toggle Map
Start Button Pause Game
All ship pieces
Pause game play and press up+A+B+C,right+A,down+B,left+C. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Every piece except the final piece will be present when game play resumes. The final piece can be found on the next level played.
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