Toki: Going Ape Spit 1989 By: TAD Co.

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The girl you love and you are standing in a meadow when all of a sudden some weird thing from the sky falls to the ground. An odd wizard like thing takes your love away and turns you into an ape who can spit unusual balls of energy. Now it is your destiny to destroy all of this wizard's creatures and save your love from his evil clutches!


Go through each level killing off enemies with your awkward spit balls. Use power ups to change what you spit out into different forms or make it more powerful. Collect fruit to increase your score. Use other power ups, such as jumping shoes, to advance through levels quickly. Defeat each boss to save your love!

A Button Jump
B Button Spit
C Button Jump
Start Button Pause
Invincibility Code
Press Up, A, Right, B, Down, C, Left, Start at the title screen. This should make you invincible.
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