Toxic Crusaders 1992 By: SEGA

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Wipe Out Slime and Smogulans!
Smogulans, the worst polluters in the universe, have busted through the ozone layer! Now they're trying to take over the Earth!

They've sent an army of Radiation Rangers to annihilate the Toxic Crusaders with fighter choppers, radioactive gunk and barrels of nuclear slime. Toxie and his pals have a heap of fighting on their hands!

Clean-freak Toxie incinerates the scum patrol with laser blasts. Never one to leave litter around, he scours up the mess with his mop and the help of his pal Bloobie.

NoZone, the beak-faced crusader, has class er, make that crass. He spits hot blobs (and can this guy aim!) and speeds around on his wheelie foot. One mule-kick from this bird decorates the slime spreaders with tread marks before they croak.

Junkyard thrives on punching out polluters, spin jumping and licking up the leftover sludge. He really takes the bite out of grime!

The superheroes are in for non-stop combat, especially when they board the Smogulan mothership. Hold your breath (and your nose) when the Toxic Crusaders take their down and dirty war to the most poisonous planet in outer space!

--From the Genesis Toxic Crusaders instruction manual.

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