Trampoline Terror 1990 By: NCS/Dreamworks

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Aliens are attacking your planet! It's up to you to destroy their trampoline ships and save the world!


The objective of the game is to activate every mine/switch in the level without falling off or getting hit by an enemy.

You've got two skills, Jumping and Throwing. There is only one thing you can throw, the black tubs. If you have any just press B to throw them in front of you. Normally they only go one square's distance, but if they land on a trampoline they will keep going.

Jump! The jump is your friend and enemy. By jumping on the trampolines, you wear them out, but you move faster and are harder to hit. If you hold the jump button when you land/jump from a trampoline you will jump extra high and will be able to reach platforms that are farther away. In other words you can jump over one square of empty space.

A Button Jump
B Button Throw object
C Button Jump
Start Button Jump
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