Trouble Shooter 1991 By: VIC TOKAI

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Cast of Characters

Wealthy debutante and part-time heroine (but please don't tell Daddy).

Madison's best friend and partner in "crime"

King Fredrick
Leader of the newly formed Majestic Republic, currently visiting the U.S. in an effort to establish diplomatic relations.

Prince Eldon
The king's only son and heir to the throne. He is kidnapped during the Royal Family's visit to the U.S.

Col. Patch
Head of Majestic Intelligence (rumored to have a "bionic eye"), assigned to protect the Royal Family during their visit to the States. When the prince is kidnapped, it is Patch who contacts the "Trouble Shooter™" to avoid causing an international incident and ruin the possibilty of establishing necessary relations with the U.S.

Mutant military weapons genius who was hideously disfigured in a top-secret experiment, after which he disappeared. Years later, he has resurfaced and kidnapped the prince in an effort to have his robotic underworld recognized as an independent country. If his demands aren't met within the next 24 hours, the prince will perish and he will unleash his technically superior weapons on all mankind.

--From the Genesis Trouble Shooter instruction manual.

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     Trouble Shooter is tremendously original. So many games have the typical mundane same-ole same-ole, but this one is different. Within a minute of play, you will be dazzled with the animation which stands in a class all its own.

     Incredible Graphics! In the beginning stage there is an overhead train running in the background. Novel game with two Valley Girls, Madison the main hero and Crystal her sidekick, as heroines working together spitting out all sorts of wicked firepower and having the ability to either fire in opposite directions or concentrate their forces forward. Complex attacking creatures with various shapes, colors, movements and modes of attack. The theme music is fine but you won’t hear it, just your blazing weapons.

     Game play is fast and furious and it is fun to play. Not just a “I scored higher that you did in a boring and tedious waste of time game”.


     Trouble Shooter has 5 stages, mainly oriented to staying alive, not scoring points. Your mission is to find and free Prince Eldon, who has been kidnapped.

     Apparently, the ITEMS have an immediate impact. They come from killing enemies and from a Cargo Pod that flies by overhead. Shoot the Pod and the goodies come out. Fly over them and you are ready for more battle. They are coin objects with different faces on them. Life has an heart, Slow Down has an arrow pointing downward, Speed Up has an “S” on it, the Cargo Pod is a flying vehicle (shoot it and capture the Power-Up) and Firepower has an “F” on it.
     You control the action of the Tidal Wave with the D-Control and you switch the direction that Crystal fires in by pressing the C-Button.

     Madison chooses a Special Weapon at the beginning of the first 4 stages. The Special Weapon automatically recharges itself. Crystal stays with Madison, you control the both of them at one time.

Lightning Storm Powerful fields of electricity
Tidal Wave Powerful vertical laser beam that scrolls
Blizzard Circular fields of electro-magnetic
Avalanche Concentrated wall of path-clearing missiles

Big Bad Bosses

Stage 1 Central Line Shopping Plaza Chuckles
Stage 2 Underground Hideout Charger
Stage 3 Outside "Colossus" Jack La Pain
Stage 4 Inside "Colossus" Piston
Stage 5 The Escape Winger

Cargo Pod Power-up
Firepower Increases firepower
Speed Up Increases your speed
Slow Down Temporarily slows game tempo
Life Each will increase your life meter by one

Points for Completing a Stage

COMPLETION The higher the stage completed, the higher your bonus points
WEAPON Based on your firepower
ENERGY Based on Life Meter

A Button Special Weapon
B Button Normal Weapon
C Button Crystal’s Direction
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